Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

cara memasang efek hati bertaburan di blog

Before my post is How to create the effect of Flooded Diblog, have been published, I now want to post more bertamakan effects of LOVE.The name of this effect is the effect of Scattered Hearts.Why do I say themed love, because it is synonymous with LOVE.It sounds melancholy,Lovetdk. who ever feel love. everyone will certainly never feel it. just go directly follow the instructions below:

1. Login Keblog You would
2. go to the draft = > Edit html = > Expand templates
3. then locate the code </body> can be found by using the control + f on your keyboard
4. then Copy and pastekan Code Below right on top of it
< script src = ' ' type = ' text/javascript ' > </script>
5. Save the Template and see the result.

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