Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Ade Namnung Indonesian artist dies



Sad news from the world of entertainment Indonesia. Presenter as well as comedian Syamsul Effendi or the famous with the name Ade Namnung reportedly died at 11:45 pm, Tuesday (31/01/2012).

The sad news was first informed your friends and relatives Ade through his Twitter account. "Has passed away Into Syamsul Rahmatullah Effendi / ADE NAMNUNG At 11:45 .. We are Forgiven of All Mistakes During Her Life .. Amen," wrote Immanuel Ronny standup comedian or Mongols.

Ade Namnung some time ago were treated at a hospital in Surabaya because of a stroke. Then, the hospital moved to Family Partners, Depok, West Java.

He should have been discharged from the hospital on Sunday (1/22/2012) ago. However, the big presenters suddenly changed his mind and chose to remain in hospital until a week away.

"He changed his mind, he did not want to pester people," said brother Ade, Dilla while talking on his cell phone on Wednesday (25/01/2012).

Ade died at the age of 34 years.


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