Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

avira internet security 2012








    • System Scanner detects the latest known viruses, worms and Trojans fast
    • AntiSpam filters out unwanted and phishing emails.
    • AntiBot blocks hackers’ attempts to take over your computer.
    • AntiPhishing protects you against identity theft attacks.
    • AntiAd/Spyware shuts out online spies and annoying pop-ups
    • Rootkit Protection keeps you safe from hidden malware that conventional antivirus can’t find.

      Choose Avira Internet Security 2012
      if you:

      • Regularly look up information on the web
      • Access your bank accounts or investments online
      • Shop in online stores or place bids at auction sites
      • Make online phone calls, instant message or social network
      • Use public wifi networks
      • Share your computer with your partner or family members
      • Store your irreplaceable photos, music and videos on your PC
      • Are concerned about what your children might see and do online


      thank to avira

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